Custom Table Cloth Guide

How To Properly Use Placemats And Tablecloths


Placemats and tablecloths in places like the UK are usually utilized separately, but there are no known stiff rules when it comes on using these two pieces separate ways.  There are two ways on using these materials, as the placemats are more often used in very informal occasions such as family reunion at home, while the tablecloths are most preferred by UK residents for instance, when there are formal gatherings such as wedding, debut and anniversaries, as well as less formal ones such as children's birthday party.  Depending on the atmosphere that you want guests to see, you can still use both of these items in several occasions, such as using tablecloths in areas like the UK for simple family events as well.


Depending on the specific kind of occasion and big event you are planning to have, you should always take note that choosing the right placemat and tablecloths from is part of the process.  Some of the perfect tablecloths and placemats for wedding celebrations are those colors of champagne or ivory, or other colors that are light and neutral.  For celebrating summer with the gang and celebrating birthdays with close relatives, keep the tablecloths and placemats in brighter shades of blue, red, green and oranges.  If you are celebrating informal events for instance, it will be best if you use patterned tablecloths and placemats colored solid for these gatherings.  Both attractive and easy to look for, these tablecloths and placemats are everyday items that people use, plus their colors are bright to attract a positive vibe over a dining table.


The correct way of using table placemats is to lay down one for each person on every chair on the dining table.  On the placement, put on the utensils and table settings such as table napkins, spoon, fork and knife during informal family occasions.  This tip can be followed everyday to keep the organization of the table setting, but you can add variations in some other days of the week.  If you want to use more colors on the placemats during the weekends, do so as guests will love this part. See this definition:


It is an option of place pads underneath tablecloths, especially when you are using a glass table so you can protect the table from heavy utensils on the dining room.  When there are romantic dates and formal gatherings, experts advise on using draping fabric tablecloths sized eight to 12 inches, as well as using the right table cloth size that is proportion with the table size.  Place the dinnerware table settings on the tablecloth.  Placemats can be placed above the king size duvet covers and this can be done as much as the homemaker wants it, since there are no rules that must strictly be followed on this part.